Men On Boats by Jaclyn Backhaus, directed by Will Davis

Clubbed Thumb Summerworks 2015; New York, NY

Playwrights Horizons and Clubbed Thumb Co-Production 2016; New York, NY

We follow Powell (a crisp Kelly McAndrew), a stately one-armed army major, and his expedition crew as they wend their way through perilous waters to create the first official map of the region.
— Ben Brantley, NY Times
Ms. Backhaus’s lively script and Will Davis’s highly ingenious direction leave no room for nudging references to any gender gap between cast and characters. Yet it’s hard to imagine this 90-minute account of a pioneering journey through virgin Western territory in 1869 being nearly as effective, or entertaining, with an ensemble of men.
— Ben Brantley, NY Times