St. Vincent's: Novena's for a Lost Hospital at Rattlestick Theater

Kelly is performing in the workshop of St. Vincent's: Novena's for a Lost Hospital through Sunday at Rattlestick Theater! Written by Cusi Cram and directed by Daniela Topol. The project has a wonderful write-up in the New York Times called "Ghosts of a Hospital Rise in the Village." 

Here the dead and the living have equal claim to the stage, each other, the audience. They speak and argue across centuries. A 19th-century Haitian revolutionary and hairdresser leans over the shoulder of a 20th-century Irish nurse. One doctor faced with a cholera epidemic in the 1840s trades shoptalk with another who is treating AIDs patients in the 1980s.
— Jim Dwyer for The New York Times

More information can be found at The play runs through Sunday, June 17.